The path

I can only believe
What was reveled by my Lord 

In the silence
I see the path of the wisdom Prophet 

I can only concider
The song of breath,evidence of creation

In the darknes
I see the light of my faith in the middle of the desert ...

In the land of distraction
I know, despite my weakness, 

Islam is the right way for the success of my soul... 


Ô my Lord

Ô my Lord,
In this fasting month,
Give me your mercy,
Change my heart, 

In order to make
Your name Allah
the center of my life
Your blessing
The clothing of my soul 

Remembering you
In life my spirt is,
Forgetting you 

Dead my heart is,

Every morning,
In my eyes the tears,
Every evening,

In my heart the hope,

I know the last destination
Will be to you
Surely without your blessing
For eternity I will be lost ...


My dreams

My dreams ,
full of black words,
falling in pieces

My mind,
burning from desire
In the desert of love 

My heart
is wandering
Like the comet of Halley 

In the center of the star
you gave me the light
A present of hopes 


Under the sun

I read your heart
Words after words
under the sun
To feel a sign 
waiting for salvation ...

Looking the sky
I kiss the air
Under my dreams
I imagine 
you can feel
my touch...

On the way
During the night
Under the stars
I'm always here
With my faith ...



Each word of my heart
Is one color
Of my dreams

Each letter of my mind
Is one song
Of my spirit

She was dressed
In zephyr cuddle
Gently slither

On the breeze
She offered
Her willow silhouette

Between the sky and me
My faith is raising
Like a wind bearing my hope ...



Words of silence

When you feel sadness,
Listen the words silence,

You'll be touched by poetry,
it is never only by the words,

But by the spirit and the heart,
of the writer who composed them,

As a testimony for all mankind,
Read with your heart eyes, 

You'll see the faith behind each word ...


To be

In the light of the moon,
Try to be the person
you'd love to meet

In the heart of the sun,
Don't worry, give the love
You'd love to receive

In the silence of night,
Take your ink and write the poetry
You love to read ...

In the retirement of your soul,
Keep the treasure of heart
Your faith, the light of life ...



My hearts are calling you,
When my soul pray for you,

From now to tomorrow,
The life without you is death,

A little smile from you,
Is a sun of my world,

A little call from you,
Is a smile from the sky,

I remember watching you,
As never, embracing my desires,

As never, enjoying every touch,
And tangible moment, as never ...

It's true as the ancient says,
The destiny is the breadth of evidence ..

You have to know,
when the right man comes along, 

You have to be ready,
to be the woman he was longed to be ...

Close your eyes and dream,
As a child love keep your goal ...

The shadow of love isn't the true of sun ...


The light of faith 

I walked in the dark
Without you
I crossed the river of pain
Missing you

I destroyed dreams
Far away to you
I failed in sadness
In your shadow 

I know today
More than ever
Without you
I wither in the sun 

Ya Allah ! reinforce
My soul needs
My heart claims
Weak I am, without faith 


Out of Ink 

I dipped my pen
in the ink of love
I didn't see sincerity 

I dipped my pen
In the ink of passion
I lost my way 

I dipped my pen
In the ink of desire
I found deep deception ...


Out of ink
I dipped my pen
To my blood 

Out of ink
I dipped my pen
To the silence 

For the best memories.


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